Weekly Discourse in Urdu
Friday 18th April '14 - approx 8:35pm BST (Maghrib Salaah - 8:11pm)

You may listen at the following times in your country:

• UK - Friday 18th April '14 (8:35pm)
• USA, New York/Barbados/Trinidad - Friday 18th April '14 (3:35pm)
• Panama - Friday 18th April '14 (2:35pm)
• South Africa - Friday 18th April '14 (9:35pm)
• India - Saturday 19th April '14 (1:05am)
• Australia - Saturday 19th April '14 (5:35am)

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Final Lecture of Sahih-al Bukhari
Jame'ah Riyadul Uloom &
Riyadus Salihat
Venue: Islamic Da'wah Academy
Date: Sunday 25th May 2014
Time: TBC


Weekly Discourse in Urdu
Venue: Islamic Da'wah Academy
Date: Friday 18th April
Time: after Maghrib Salaah (8:11pm)
Weekly Dars in English
Venue: Islamic Da'wah Academy
Date: Tuesday 22nd April
Time: after Maghrib Salaah (8:18pm)
Weekly Discourse in Urdu
Venue: Islamic Da'wah Academy
Date: Friday 15th April
Time: after Maghrib Salaah (8:24pm)



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What to do at the time of 
Natural Catastrophes

By Shaykh Mawlana Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah

Everyone is aware of the devastation that natural disasters bring with them. Many lose their lives, hundreds of thousands lose relatives, entire communities are wiped out and countless buildings and properties are destroyed. Thousands, even millions are left homeless, having lost everything they once owned, living under open skies with nothing to eat and cover themselves with. Even after the calamity has subsided, the death toll continues to increase with the spread of disease.

When calamities strike, we often think about our roles and responsibilities, as human beings and as Muslims. It is unfortunate that for most of us, it takes such calamities to make us reflect on the Power and lofty Attributes of Allāh ta‘ālā. Rather than expressing shallow sorrow and a momentary shock, there are a few points that we need to reflect and act upon, so that events like these can cause us to become better Muslims for the rest of our lives:



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